Wednesday, 28 March 2018


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Can you believe that when you start school you get a free LITTER FREE lunch box!!!
This will include a paper that will state healthy and litter free recipes.

sorry this was short but it was snappy (lol)

from Libby in Aspire
came and see me or Jess W if you have any question...

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Hi its jess & Libby
Can you believe that the gala is NEXT WEEK

(23/03/18) 4 - 7 PM there is a list of jobs outside of the office parents can / should put there names up for, this would be a great way to do your good for the school and meet new people even the kid are doing stalls!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

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Welcome to the 2018 enviro blog we are your oficial enviro blog I’m Jessica Wakelin & I’m Libby Faulls. Thought out the year we will be updating you with the newest enviro things like litter free lunches see this photo this is a great way to get healthy food into your lunch or you kids lunch.As you can see there is a little treat in the middle, you don't have to put a treat in the middle but you can if you want.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hey its Holly Pile and Libby Faulls for a
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About the
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So the enviro group is having a stall and raising money for the school's “enviro life” something we need you to do is ask questions about what we are selling so if you would like to buy it or even yet make it yourself (its very easy to do even with your kids)
And more recycled things you can do at home on a rainy day with kids that will hopefully keep them satisfied and not annoying anyone…
And keep them satisfied,
We will be posting every week so don't forget to check it out
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Hi guys it Holly R & Libby here for the
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This is for all the new mum’s to the school. Just to say that it would be great if you would make your children's lunch litter free. If that would okay… but if you make your own lunch than make it litter free please and thank you…
As there will be check’s each week
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

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Week 1 Term 3
Hey its Libby, Jess, Holly, Ayla & Izzy

We are here to tell you why rubbish is bad for the environment…

Image result for picture that show rubbish is bad for the environment Image result for picture that show rubbish is bad for the environment

So this is why we say litter free lunch. And we guarantee that at least one of those pieces of rubbish is yours so think about it take 2 minutes out of your day to think about how many sea animals have died with nothing but rubbish in side of them. And if you're a smoker than just at least try and stop.